Inflection Point



Other Drafts

A More Polished Overview

February 27, 2006
3.6M Power Point (download first)
6.4M mp3 Audio 25min (stream)

(audio starts at slide 26)

A More Detailed Treatment
Greenfest - November 5, 2005
3.4M Power Point (download first)
30.9M mp3 Audio 43 min (stream)

S-Curve TimeMap & Illustrations

Interactive Visualization
(requires Flash 5 plug-in)


Slides that accompany the talk:
38 min mp3 audio version of the talk.

Facing the Future
A presentation originally prepared for the Tipping Point Network and delivered by WebEx on January 14, 2008, includes a section on the potential for transforming global civil society using distributed digital identity based social networks.

Slides that sccompany the talk:
52 min mp3 audio of the talk
PDF or html

Long-term View 2
circulated within TPN in advance of the July 2007 meeting

A Tipping Point
circulated within TPN in advance of the October 2007 meeting

The Shift Scenario
1-1-06 Summary DRAFT

From Nature to Meta-Nature: The Point of Inflection in Time
Edited transcript of a talk delivered at the Planetwork Conference, May 13, 2000

Essay from December 23, 1999

Evolution, Entropy and Work
A paper presented at the ISSS Conference June, 1998 - PDF

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